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head massage


Swedish Luxe Massage

Experience the serenity of a Swedish massage, expertly combining gentle strokes and soothing techniques. Relieve muscle tension, improve blood flow, and leave feeling truly rejuvenated. Your ultimate well-being awaits.

Traditional Thai Massage

Experience the ancient healing art of Thai massage, where our skilled therapists use a combination of stretching, and rhythmic movements to promote energy flow, release tension, and restore balance. 

Deep Tissue Massage

For those seeking relief from chronic muscle tension and knots, our Deep Tissue Massage with Ashiatsu Bars provide targeted pressure and deep strokes to release tightness, relieve pain, reduce stress and restore flexibility. 

Couples Massage

Share in the bliss of relaxation with your loved one through our famous Couples Massage. Unwind together in a private setting as two therapists simultaneously provide personalized massages, fostering a deeper/intimate connection and relaxation with your partner.

Luxe Signature

Our Luxe Signature Massage blends the healing techniques of Thai massage and stretching with the soothing strokes of Swedish massage. This unique combination enhances flexibility, relieves tension, and promotes deep relaxation for a rejuvenating experience.

Foot Massage

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with our luxurious foot massage. Experience a blissful escape as we pampers you and your feet. Let our skilled therapists focus on pressure points, muscles, and tendons to release tension and improve circulation on your feet and lower legs.  

Four Hands

Double the relaxation and therapeutic benefits with our Four Hands Massage, where two skilled therapists work in harmony to provide a synchronized and immersive experience. This is an unbelievable experience indeed.

Enhancement Options

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